FBO Partners and Paragon Aviation Group ink partnership agreement.

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Aviation Business Journal, 4th Quarter 2016

Just like people, FBOs have a need and desire to remain relevant. And just like a child who has drawn a picture and seeks a parent’s recognition and approval, an FBO likewise needs to present the picture they have drawn, their unique narrative, and receive recognition in the form of patronage by their customers. Marketing, ergo, is that relentless feedback loop; the relentless pursuit of relevance. To lose relevance, is to no longer be needed, which is a very dangerous thing for a FBO. Contact us, and tell us your views.
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Airport Business Magazine, January 2017

It is difficult to properly underscore the time and investment required in bringing a new certificate to life. And that- time and investment- is the rub. For an FBO embarking on bringing a new 135 certificate to market, even a single-pilot, single-airplane Part 135 certificate, a market study should be conducted to determine a cost benefit analysis, including a projected return on investment. Thousands will be spent, and a dedicated airplane and pilot procured. Contact us, and tell us your views.
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The Team

Douglas Wilson : President & Senior Partner

Douglas Wilson

President & Senior Partner

Hangar Subleasing/FBO Real Estate, IS-BAH Implementation/IS-BAH Auditor, Marketing/Media Relations/Content, Mergers & Acquisitions
Doug Wilson is the President and Founder of FBO Partners, LLC, an aviation consulting firm to Fixed Base Operations. Prior to forming FBO Partners, Wilson was the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Galvin Flying Services. Though his role included the management of one of the largest independent FBOs in the country, his strengths in leasing, and related contract negotiation led to managing Galvin’s then 150,000 square feet of hangars to effective capacity through both the turbulent recession and a major hangar construction project in 2012. In short, his departments comprised sales in excess of $25M annually- some two-thirds of all revenue generated by Galvin’s total business.

Prior to joining Galvin in 2006, Wilson worked for Signature Flight Support, the world’s largest network of Fixed Base Operations. During his seven years with Signature, Mr. Wilson held various positions including Corporate Training Manager, in which he was responsible for the development, implementation and delivery of training curriculum for the company at all US and European FBO locations. He also held roles as the Operations Manager for Milwaukee, WI, Corporate Customer Relations Manager, and a Regional Service Trainer, to name a few.
Prior to joining Signature Flight Support, Wilson worked for the Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport for more than seven years- a small privately owned public use airport in Virginia.
Mr. Wilson is an active pilot with airplane, seaplane, glider and helicopter ratings. In addition, he is a freelance aviation writer for various publications, and an aviation consultant to local news outlets, providing technical understanding of various aviation issues to reporters.

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Todd Baumgartner : Senior Partner

Todd Baumgartner

Senior Partner

Mergers & Acquisitions, Procurement, Fleet Customer Fuel Supply
Todd Baumgartner brings almost 19 years of experience in aviation to FBO Partners. Prior to joining FBO Partners as a Senior Partner, Mr. Baumgartner was the Senior Vice President of Acquisitions for the Ross Aviation network of FBOs. During his tenure there, he identified numerous FBO’s to expand the chain, ultimately acquiring five FBO’s and a hangar in his first 14 months with Ross. These acquisitions added some $10.25M to the Ross network 2014 EBITDA.

From 2001 to 2013, Baumgartner was with fractional lift provider NetJets. First starting as a senior analyst in the Financial Planning and Analysis department, he quickly identified an opportunity for NetJets to save millions in how they purchased fuel and FBO services. He established and led the NetJets Fuel & FBO Relations Department for 10 years, during which time he developed and refined the NetJets strategy for purchasing fuel and FBO services. Under his direction, the department negotiated over 600 supply agreements for fuel and services, purchasing over 125 million gallons of fuel from more than 2,100 FBOs annually. These agreements saved NetJets over $80 million dollars per year in their fuel and FBO services spend. He has personally negotiated deals with all of the national FBO chains, fuel suppliers, and payment processors.
In 2007 Baumgartner absorbed the fuel finance function into the department and promptly increased their recovery in the invoice auditing process from $100,000 to over $1 million in less than a year. In 2009 he added oversight of the relationships with the airport authorities and also developed the NetJets Dedicated FBO concept, which allowed NetJets to further differentiate itself from its competitors. Under that program Baumgartner negotiated long term airport leases for NetJets at several key airports across the country.
Prior to joining NetJets, Baumgartner served for five years in various roles with Northwest Airlines including in the contracts department, the finance department and ground operations.
Before beginning his aviation career, Baumgartner spent 10 years in the Army as an intelligence analyst.
Mr. Baumgartner has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and an MBA with focuses in Operations & Logistics Management and International Business from the Ohio State University.

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Alec Maguire : Senior Partner

Alec Maguire

Senior Partner

Hangar Subleasing/FBO Real Estate, Marketing/Branding/FBO Photography, Mergers & Acquisitions
As a Senior Partner, Alec Maguire brings more than 20 years of aggregate aviation, branding, and FBO development experience to FBO Partners. Prior to joining FBO Partners, Maguire, in conjunction with his father, the renowned commercial real estate developer Robert Maguire, founded and developed Maguire Aviation Group, the largest Fixed Base Operation at Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Van Nuys, CA.

Maguire Aviation was formed in 2005 with the goal of consolidating the fragmented FBO market at Van Nuys Airport, one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world. The Maguire Aviation enterprise also consolidated VisionAir, Inc, a Part 91 management business that Maguire served as Vice President of, into a singular entity. Through a series of acquisitions, including Petersen Aviation, MillionAir, and Skytrails Aviation, the operation established a majority control of FBO entitled land on the field, exclusive development rights, and respective long-term leases for each. This consolidation created the largest independent FBO at VNY, if not the country.
At its peak, Maguire Aviation numbered more than 100 employees, and controlled over 220,000 square feet of hangar, terminal, and office space, over a 57 acre footprint at VNY. The operation additionally developed a 44,000 square foot hangar facility for anchor tenant TWC, and in 2012, a 10,000 square foot dedicated terminal for NetJets – the largest fractional lift provider globally. In 2013, Maguire Aviation sold the entirety of its FBO holdings to BBA Group, PLC.
In addition to his noteworthy corporate aviation pedigree, Mr. Maguire brings significant marketing and branding expertise to FBO Partners. In forming Maguire Aviation, he was responsible for directing the brand identity process, including but not limited to, core design and marketing elements such as logo, signature tagline “Fueled By Higher Standards,” color palette, media and marketing copy, web presence, and fundamental interior and exterior brand identity features. Maguire was recognized for this by Aviation International News (AIN), by being the top rated FBO at VNY each year during his tenure.
Before forming Maguire Aviation, Mr. Maguire was also a corporate pilot in both the Citation 500 series and Falcon 20F-731. At one time, he was one of the youngest CE-500 rated pilots in country, having begun his flying career in 1993. An accomplished pilot, Maguire is also a Le Cordon Bleu Trained Chef, and an accomplished photographer.

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Rikki Altenburg : Senior Associate

Rikki Altenburg

Senior Associate

Customer Service, FBO Fuel Sales

As a Senior Associate, Rikki Altenburg brings over 16 years of FBO management and related aviation experience to clients of FBO Partners. In joining FBO Partner, Mrs. Altenburg will lead the customer service arm of the consultancy, focusing on customer service training of both front line and management level FBO employees, as well as creation and implementation of policies, procedures and service initiatives for client FBOs.

An expert in FBO customer service, Altenburg began her career at the “front door” of aviation industry with WestStar Aviation in Grand Junction, CO while she attended Colorado Mesa University. Shortly before graduation- and recognized as a leader among her team- WestStar promoted her to their Learjet Maintenance Sales Program. After three successful years in the MRO business, Altenburg joined Rifle Jet Center in Rifle, CO as its Customer Service Manager and later, Accounting Manager. Through implementation of her customer service and sales techniques, as well as a strong staff, profitability increased substantially under Altenburg’s service leadership, with a correspondingly impressive decrease in employee turnover. Gaining the attention of Atlantic Aviation- which acquired Rifle Jet Center- she maintained an aggressive service and operations focus while also acting as a Regional Accounting Assistant for Atlantic at Rifle. In addition to managing FBO service and operations at the Rifle FBO location, Altenburg reported to Atlantic’s Regional Headquarters in her accounting role, where she was responsible for military fuel audits as well as various accounting needs within the Region. Following her tenure at the Rifle, Altenburg was promoted again, becoming the General Manager of Atlantic Aviation in Casper, WY. With Altenburg at the helm, Atlantic Casper’s FBO labor efficiency, profitability, turnover, hangar capacity and customer relations saw double digit improvements and the location earned the Most Improved Labor Efficiency Award for the entire Atlantic Aviation FBO network in 2012. Today, Rikki also utilizes her aviation and management experience within the civil engineering industry, as an integral team member for a civil engineering firm, Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering.

Altenburg holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is a licensed real estate agent in Wyoming.

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Jamie Wilson : Senior Associate

Jamie Wilson

Senior Associate

Logistics, FBO Management, Mentoring and Coaching

As a Senior Associate, Jamie Wilson brings nearly 20 years FBO operations, management and professional project management experience to FBO Partners. Wilson began his aviation career at Washington-Dulles International Airport (KIAD) with Piedmont-Hawthorne Aviation, predecessor to Landmark Aviation. While at Dulles, he held roles as the Customer Service Manager and later Assistant General Manager for the busy FBO. During his tenure in these capacities and beyond his daily responsibilities, Wilson was actively involved in coordinating complex events for the FBO and the airport such as two Presidential Inaugurations, where no less than 300 aircraft were handled by his FBO. Later during his career with Landmark Aviation, Wilson joined the Charter and Aircraft Management Division as Regional Sales Manager. In this role he assisted in the management of a combined fleet of some 30 aircraft (Part 91/135) based throughout the US. He also scheduled, dispatched, coordinated flight operations and flight-followed for a key client who operated a Gulfstream G450 and G200 worldwide.

Returning to FBO operations, Wilson later became the General Manager of Landmark Aviation at Washington-Dulles, where he managed a workforce of more than 80 at one of the busiest FBOs in the country. Of note, and under his leadership, he mentored four employees to progressively higher positions within the company, one of whom became a General Manager of another Landmark location while serving under him. During Wilson’s tenure, he managed the FBO Concession Agreement between Landmark Aviation and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), maintained full P&L, budgetary responsibility and autonomy, and managed complex events.

After 10 years with Landmark Aviation, Wilson moved to Concept Solutions and later Parrillo Associates where he served as the Program Manager (PM) on two Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) programs supporting NextGen and the Logistics Service and Support Contract. His work included regular interaction with NextGen Partners to include NASA, DoD, DHS, NOAA, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. During his tenure at Concept Solutions, he led a team of over 150 team members at eleven locations throughout the United States, and provided support at the FAA Logistic Service Centers, FAA Regional Service Areas, FAA Technical Center, and FAA Aeronautical Center in the areas of Acquisition Management, Materiel Management, Real Estate Management, Space Management, and Hazardous Material Management.
A graduate of The College of William and Mary, Wilson is also a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute.

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Alexa Paprosky : Associate

Alexa Paprosky


Marketing/Media Relations/Content, IS-BAH Implementation
As an Associate, Alexa Paprosky brings a cultured journalistic background and additional content marketing strength to FBO Partners. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Aviation & Transportation, her gifted storytelling combined with a compelling writing style allows her to craft unique narratives for clients of FBO Partners. A complement to her technical writing abilities and aviation background, Ms. Paprosky is also proficient in IT platforms, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Python Programming, among others. Prior to joining FBO Partners, she created The Helix Group, a Chicago-based independent consultancy focused on content marketing and journalism strategy for commercial helicopter companies, including flight schools and tour operations.

An active pilot, Ms. Paprosky holds a Commercial Rotorcraft Certificate. In addition, she is a frequent writer in various aviation publications, and an accomplished competitor within the equestrian community.

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The FBO Partners Story

Established in March of 2014, FBO Partners was conceived by Doug Wilson, an FBO industry veteran of more than 20 years’ experience in a multitude of FBO disciplines – line service, operations, FBO management, leasing and asset management.  In 2006, when Mr. Wilson joined one of the largest and most respected independent FBOs in the country- he quickly identified a distinct and yet all-too-common refrain amongst FBOs:  The hangar leasing process was broken, and inefficiently managed.  Leases didn’t exist at all for some customers, while others had expired long ago.   The few with current agreements were often found to have been authored by the tenant’s own legal counsel.  This particular arrangement presents a challenging dynamic for the operator – Inconsistent business edicts, disparity in the landlord-tenant relationship, and in many cases, compromising the very insurance protections afforded an FBO through its provider.  FBO Partners was launched with an eye towards helping the FBO operators manage the assets of their business- their hangar and office subleases.  A mere 16 days after the start of business operations, FBO Partners signed its first client.

By June, in response to the needs of its growing client base, FBO Partners would add a new business line- Marketing Services.  Client FBOs identified they had neither the budget for a full time marketing employee, nor the time to develop and tell their story to their customers.  Yet, each recognized the value that targeted marketing campaigns bring to their business, both from a brand awareness and customer interaction standpoint.  FBO Partners’ new business line became a marketing department for its clients, offering a service traditional ad agencies simply can’t deliver to an FBO- content creation.  The company experienced a resounding response from the FBO community, and grew quickly.

By September, FBO Partners added new talent to the growing consulting firm, with the addition of Todd Baumgartner, formerly of NetJets and the Ross Aviation network of FBOs.  Only a month later, FBO Partners added Alec Maguire, who operated Maguire Aviation Group, the largest Fixed Base Operation at Van Nuys Airport (VNY), prior to the FBO’s sale in 2013.  With Todd’s and Alec’s addition, further lines of business have been solidified, including Procurement, and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), and Marketing Services, to name a few.

At FBO Partners, we offer a complete suite of FBO consultancy services- an outsourced solution- to Fixed Base Operators.  In an increasingly competitive business environment, the focus for a traditional FBO should be- must be- fuel sales.  Outsourcing certain business functions has become a necessity due to today’s operational complexities.  The most frequent examples of such outsourcing are generally associated with the training and regulatory aspects of operating an FBO:  Have you created your own proprietary Line Service Training Program?  Alternatively, are you using your fuel supplier’s or NATA’s Safety 1st Program?  As an FBO owner or operator, did you author your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) or your Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Program?  Have you engaged a consultant or third-party to assist you? 

More likely than not, your FBO uses a Line Service Training Program developed by a fuel supplier, or NATA.  Likewise, an environmental consultant may have authored your SWPPP or SPCC.  Clearly, outsourcing certain aspects of your complex business to a third party with expertise in those specializations is the right decision.

FBO Partners proposes that same outsourced approach for asset management, marketing services, procurement and new business opportunities –such as a merger with, or an acquisition of, a related business.  Interested? Read on.

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